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SWC Tasting Experience Kit

SWC Tasting Experience Kit

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Distillery Tour

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VIP Tour Own Bottle

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Big Gourmet Tasting Tour

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship outside Spain?

By law we are NOT allowed to ship outside Spain with Spanish Tax Paid. However the EU market harmonisation COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2008/118/EC of 16 December 2008 concerning the general arrangements for excise duty and repealing Directive 92/12/EEC, provide for us to ship to other EU countries when the local alcohol taxes in that country has been prepaid to the local authorities in advance before the shipment arrives. This is a pretty extensive work so we only do that on bottlings of private cask and cask shares. We don't ship our 10 - 16 year old single malts bottle by bottle unless we don't have a distributor in your country and your order is at least one box of 6 bottles which you can mix between any of our current bottlings. We do ship out Tasting Sampler Kits, just order it here on our webshop. Shipping by courier outside Spain is EUR 31 making the total price EUR 50. We will discount that amount when you order! Click here to get a Tasting Kit now!

Do you offer free cask samples?

No we don't offer any free samples, unless you are a SWC private cask owner, then we send a 100ml sample by courrier paid by us from your small private cask every year until you decide to bottle your cask. Cask owners can always visit their cask(s) during the opening hours if Liber Distillery SL. But we do ship out Tasting Sampler Kits, just order it here on our webshop. In the previous question you can find more info on Tasting Kit shipment. If you book our VIP distillery tour you will be able to taste 50 single malt casks at 60% cask strenght and bottle your favorite cask by yourself! Book yours by clicking here! More info on our tours in the next question.

Can I visit your distillery in Padul?

We will be more than happy to show you our almost 20 year old single malt distillery in the Sierra Nevada mountains only 15 km south of Granada or about 1 hour from Malaga in car. You can book the distillery tour online here on our website. We accept tours for just one person and groups of maximum persons 12 at the same time. Click here to book a tour now!

Why are there only 30 cask shares of 2x 500ml (= 30 liters) in the 40 liter SWC Sherry Encyclopedia?

The 6 different 40 liter Casknolia Sherry casks are filled with exactly 40 liter 3 year old Liber malt whisky at 60% Vol. And will be aged for additional 18-24 months in our bodega before bottling. We expect the angel's share to be 8%-12% per year in these small casks and we keep approx. 2-3 liters for our whisky cask library and legal reference from each cask in case of customs verification or complaints in connection with future private sale or auctions. So to be on the safe side we only offer 30 caskshares in each set of the 6 different Sherry casks. Do you want a share? Click here and get one now!

Why is the "White Dog" raw spirit 40 liter cask priced taxfree?

The special members include a 40 liter Casknolia Sherry cask among the 6 Legacy types currently offered. We can ship you the empty cask with a few liters of Sheery wine in it (so it not drying out during transport) and 8 bulk plastic containers of 5 liters raw spirit and you can age it at home or in your local whisky club. We can also offer to age it free of charge in Liber's bodega. After 3-5 years when you like to bottle your whisky we see how much is left (the angelsshare is about 10% per year) and charge EUR 4 per 500ml bottle for bottling plus alcohol taxes and VAT (approx EUR 6 per bottle in 2021) unless you want all the bottles sent to you home address through a custom agent in your country.

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Sigue este enlace y consulta nuestras FAQ. También puedes mandarnos un mensaje, o escribir por el chat a la derecha de la pantalla, ¡te responderemos lo antes posible!



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